Deep Breath

March 29, 2020

Deep Breath

I woke up motivated.  Shitty sleep, but felt like I understood the challenges and potential impact of the mission I was about to embark on.  Delusions of grandeur?  Perhaps.

I called Bo and Yolanda to meet me at the shop so we could tinker.

I sent Ryan More of / Ryonet / All Made Apparel to get a couple pieces of advice.  Like always, he was on top of shit and helped me out.  Good dude indeed.  Thanks Ryan.

He sent me a DST file, which is a native file for embroidery machines.  I was unsure how to actually make a mask and needed to figure out where to start.  I called Ann in Emeryville and she was gonna do a cut&sew version at her shop.

My goal was to figure out how to use our supply of 100% Cotton T-Shirts and convert them into functional useful masks I can share with people who needed them.

Lots of moving parts.

  • Design.  I've never designed anything like this.  I've done lots of similar things but this was new to me.
  • Resources.  I have machines, people, and raw materials - all good at making clothes.
  • The World.  Shit is bonkers.  News is changing, and our "Leader" is doing a "Perfect" job of being a poor leader.  So there is a bit of panic in the air.  And Italy and Spain are under strict lockdowns. People dying.  Chad made it home to Galecia, Espana from Phoenix just before things got crazy.
  • Food.  My mom needed rice, it was gone everywhere.  People were asking me to buy our chickens.  Grocery stores were out of toilet paper. Hand Sanitizer is gone.
  • Logistics.  I can go on for weeks about this part.
  • Money.  Money was running out.  No revenue coming in.  Lots of people on the team that need to make rent on Wednesday.

That's just touching the surface.

Meanwhile, I wanna figure out how to make masks from tall the t-shirts we have in my warehouse using equipment we have.

I took a deep breath and we got busy.