Hello, World!

March 28, 2020

Hello, World!

When I learned to program in 1994 when I was a Senior in High School, like all other programmers, the first program you write is "Hello World".


program helloworld;

begin writeln('Hello, World!');


Whenever I get an idea in my head, the first thing I do is think... "Can I hello world this sucka?"

What that means is... can I make it happen?  And if I can, the first thing I need to do is start from the beginning and go from there.

Last week, on March 27th it was our friend Margaret's birthday.  Remind you, this is 2020, so that means we are all being quarantined/socially distanced.  So her birthday was a gathering of souls via the Internet Protocol at our IP Address.  We all had a somewhere in the mix there.  In total, I'd say there was 20-25 people on the line.  Brady Bunch style gallery view in Zoom.

Previously in the week, my family held a nightly Rosary for my Auntie Susie who passed away the previous week - just as the COVID-19 pandemic started to impact our lives in the United States.

On March 27th, my brain was spinning.

  • What the fuck is going on?
  • I can create zoom meeting links for different people in my life so we have common place to hang out.
  • How am I going to keep my business alive.  For nothing more than the fact Brand Marinade is the means by which a couple handfuls of people relay upon to sustain their lives in our money driven society.
  • What can I do to enable my team to not fall into debt, or strain relationships because paychecks are coming in?

But then I also thought about...

  • People are getting sick.
  • I am hearing news from friends and family that face masks are nowhere to be found.
  • And they need them.
  • We will all need them.
  • China's production capacity is probably strained because of...
    • Chinese New Year Holiday
    • Followed by COVID-19 outbreak
    • Subsequent quarantine and shutdown
    • Slow build up
    • China needed all the things we need now so were filling their internal demand just as we needed things like N95 masks
  • How will we get these things?  We don't make shit anymore.

So.  I went to bed a bit drunk from our Zoom birthday party and must have had a real good (or not good) dream.  I woke up at 6am and ran straight to the shop to create my "Hello, World!".

I didn't have a name for it yet.

All I knew was I could make 1000 masks per day using our inventory of 100% Cotton T-Shirts.

So this journey begins.


program hellotmasks;

begin writeln('Hello, T-Masks!');