Prototype V1.0 to v2.3

March 29, 2020

Prototype V1.0 to v2.3

On Saturday, I left the warehouse with with a mask on my face.  It was not great, but I was convinced I could do what I set out to do.

Hello, Muhfuckin' World!

It felt really nice to walk into my shop on Saturday with an idea and leave with a shitty mask on my face.  I put it up on Facebook and my collective of folks all gave me props.  Good encouragement.  I knew it was something I needed to do.

And... I tracked down 1000 yards of elastic bands, 1/4".  Somehow we were able to make a couple calls and after a quick trip to San Francisco, Bo came back with enough to make a lot of masks.

Time to sleep.

Then Sunday came.

Bo taught me how to use the embroidery software and it set me free a bit.  I'd used it before but never in this manner.  It's always "Hey, can you put my logo on this hat?"  This was more of a challenge than a task.

Sunday left and with it v2.3.  Left Saturday with v1.0 and walked out Sunday with v2.3 and a ton of changes I wanted to make and have ready to sample first thing Monday.

I knew it, I could most definitely turn T-shirts into Masks.