Here are ways you can support...

BUY T-Masks.  It costs us between $3-$4 to produce a mask.  When you purchase a set of 4 at $32 with free shipping, we can give away 4 masks to someone who needs it.  

DONATE to the cause.  Every $5 you donate will help us get a mask to someone.  We are open to suggestions, but this will go into our "who needs masks fund" so we can give some when people ask for them.

+ GIFT CARDS could be a nice surprise for someone!  They use the gift card to but their masks and booom!

Look at our material and equipment list.

We are working out a production schedule but hoping we can get them to people fast.  But we need 5-10 days from the time you place your order.

Fill out this form!  We will keep a list and try to get masks to as many people and organizations as possible.

No, these are not N95, KN95, or Surgical Masks.  These are cotton t-shirts converted into masks for a "better than nothing" barrier between your mouth and nose and the outside world.

You can track down suppliers of protective equipment here,

T-Masks are not FDA Certified and are considered "Homemade".

There are 3 layers...

LAYER 1: Inside, 100% Cotton Tee, 6oz Preshrunk 

LAYER 2: Cotton/Polyester blend padded material

LAYER 3: Inside, 100% Cotton Tee, 6oz Preshrunk 

Due to the safety of everybody involved, we can not accept returns of any sort.  All sales are final.  Please check the sizing chart if you are unsure about which size you will need.  Thank you for understanding.