In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Compound wishes to contribute in a small way with our Compound 7 Masks. These masks are made for the protection of our loyal Compound supporters and to also be donated to hospitals, essential healthcare workers throughout NYC.

100% of sales generated from masks will go towards producing more masks to continue to be able to donate and protect communities as we work towards flattening the curve and beating Coronavirus.

Thank you to our friends and partners at Brand Marinade and TMASKS.

Compound continues to pray for the health and safety of all #7

BYGO [Buy One, Give One]: Compound would like to encourage you to make a second purchase that will be added to the donations of masks made to hospitals! If you wish to Give One mask, please leave a NOTE!

Get Masks & Give Masks!

+ Each purchase will help our team make more masks so we can donate to people who need them.

+ We promise all funds will be used to give away masks and to support our team as we power through the challenges of this global pandemic.


+ 2-Ply 6oz Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton Fabric

+ Fabric based filter built into the mask for an additional layer of support

+ Adjustable nose and chin clamp

+ Tapered fit for good connection to face at chin.

+ Machine washable / reusable

+ "Better than Nothing”

+ Meets Kaiser Permanente's acceptable “Homemade” classification

+ Comfy on the face

+ Allows for easy breathing

+ Raw Edges